"Everyday I'm awe struck by the gift of the world we are all so fortunate to be a part of. I've always felt it was my calling to share the way life is presented to me.  I'm humbled by the wonders of nature all around us. My hope is to bring a glimmer of that wonder to the homes and lives of the people who enjoy the work I've been blessed to create."

Jason's a California coastal native who lives in Laguna Beach. His love for the natural environment and need for physical expression have lead to a life closely bound to the ocean. As a lifelong surfer and waterman / outdoorsman he is instinctively  drawn to share his love for the beach and beauty of the California landscape. 

Jason has been an artist since childhood, his formal training took place at U.C. Berkeley, receiving a degree in Fine Art. After a four year apprenticeship with renowned painter, John Eagle, he made the choice to dedicate himself to follow the gift and passion he has for artistic expression. Jason practices an impressionist style of oil painting. He paints on location as well as in studio.

He is a member of The Sawdust Art Festival.